Sunday, September 23, 2007

I heart The Office

My first attempt at a graffiti stencil was to show my love for NBC's The Office. Specifically, my love for Jim (although I was really debating about using Creed's face.) I was going to make a t-shirt to wear every Thursday. This was my attempt:

I sent a photo text of it to see if people could tell who it was. My brother Drew correctly thought it was Jim Halpert, but Chris Crosby thought it was my brother. This is what Drew looks like:

I guess it does kind of look like my brother. I fail as a graffiti artist. But I still love The Office.


Suzette said...

actually they do look pretty similar now that i look at them both face to face. weird...your brother is kind of dreamy. jim-dreamy.

Holly said...

I could tell it was Jim.