Thursday, October 18, 2007

Office t-shirt for Oct. 18

Every week when I watch The Office, I wish I had an Office t-shirt to wear. But the shirts on are boring (and have bad type). My attempt on my stencil shirt is cool, but now that I love every character, my infatuation with Jim has lost its magic. So what do I do? Make a shirt with all of the characters on it? No. Not cool. Instead, I've decided to use my time to create an imaginary shirt that I would wear every week. This is my shirt for this week. And I wish I was wearing it right now.

This isn't a quote I thought of. I read it on a comment from after the summer updates (I think). I can't find that comment again, so I can't credit the genius who said it, but whoever you are, thanks for the quote. It is a combination from The Job when Michael told Jim a guy at corporate was named "Beardy" and when Dwight said, "There's a new sheriff in these offices, and his name is me." Now that Ryan is at corporate with a beard, he is the new beardy.

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