Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Retraction on my T.V. shows.

I just watched the newest episode of CHUCK and it was pretty lame. I like Chuck's character. But in this one there was a new girl secret agent and she literally stripped down to her underwear three times in a 20 minute episode. At one point I thought I was watching Baywatch (or how I imagine Baywatch was, people running on beaches wearing minimal clothes). And Sarah was wearing such a short robe in the fight scene I got a full butt shot. I liked CHUCK because it was silly. Now it is lame. So anyone who may have read my first post, I take it back. I don't like it. Don't worry though. I still love love love The Office. And will include a funny picture from a website called "The Office vs. The Office" of Tim and Jim eating Jelly or Jell-o as the case may be.

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