Sunday, November 18, 2007


I have been thinking lately that there really is ONE thing that is the cutest thing on the earth, and that one thing is kittens. The real small small kittens that have really small ears and too big of head and are real fuzzy. I declare, there is nothing cuter, even if you do not like cats. I don't like cats to get hair on me or rub on my legs or be in anyone's house, but that does not bias my opinion that kittens win the cute award on this planet. I have provided some images as examples:

Image 1: From "The Rand McNally Book of Favorite Enchanted Tales." My great-aunt recorded stories from this book on tapes for us to listen to as kids. These are the Seven Wonderful Cats. And they ARE wonderful! Not only are they so so so cute, they went to school, sang and played musical instruments, didn't chase the birds, and even saved a sick little lamb. So CUTE!

Image 2: I randomly found this on the internet, but I had to save it. Look at his little mouth and big eyes! Every time I see this my head almost explodes for cuteness.

If any reader thinks they may know of something cuter, prove it! With photos. I don't think it can be done. And you can't just randomly choose one of your baby relatives because of course they are cute to you. Kittens are the universal cuteness.


hanner said...

All kittens are wonderful. No exceptions.

And of COURSE I am interested in your blog, especially if you post pictures of kittens!

Suzette said...

you know, you are dead on. love of baby animals is more universal than human rights and the abhorrence of cannibalism and incest.