Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finally finished THAT project...

So, three years ago, Adrian asked our class to make a journal of our BFA years at BYU. I did keep a written journal, so I felt like I sort of fulfilled the assignment even if I didn't assemble all of the printed ephemera until last month. And he never did ask for it. But hooray! I finally made my "Book of Scrap," and I posted it on the url I own:
The problem with it is, it is a gigantic flash file so you have to go to the website and wait for it to load for a long time. A loooonnnnngggg time. You will know when you get to the end because you will see the book closed. It had the potential to be cool, if it didn't load for so long. I was just going to make an animated gif, but I did it in Flash instead so you could control how fast you clicked through it. If anyone knows how to make it faster, I would be glad for the advice.

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adam said...

Man good stuff. This all you have as a site for right now? It took me back to some days of letterpress and silkscreening. It was cool to see your NYC tidbits. Thanks for posting it.