Monday, February 18, 2008

My self-esteem booster

In all my blog posting, I didn't think many people actually looked at my blog. I get very few comments. But I also give very few comments. What is fair is fair. Yesterday when I was blog-stalking and looking on someone's blog that I had gotten to from a link from a link from a link, I saw they had a counter to count how many visitors they had to their blog. I thought to myself, maybe random people look at my blog too! And put my own counter in. When I checked it, I was the first visitor. I think I put it in yesterday. Now today when I looked at it, how many did I have? 77! I was so happy! Even if it was just one person looking at my blog 76 times, I thank whomever it was. I would have been happy with 10. I need to find more easy self-esteem boosters like that.

On a different topic, have you ever tried to trace a state in Illustrator? Pretty easy if you live in Colorado or Utah. But have you ever tried Idaho or Texas? I needed an Idaho shape today (I will not say why...) so I googled vector Idaho and found a website with all the states in vector! Here is the link. I know everyone wants it:
The Idaho actually has way too many points in it so it is kind of crazy small, but thanks to the kind person who made free vector state downloads available.


adam said...
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adam said...

Hey thanks. That could definitely come in handy. I also have needed this site at times to get vector logos. Maybe you may sometime.