Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't even worry about it

This morning my roommate Amy and I responsibly woke up early and went to do our laundry at 6:00 a.m. at the Miss Bubbles which is located on 137 and Amsterdam. We see many police cars and an ambulance in the street right by Miss Bubbles, but hey, we are in New York City, when do you NOT see those sorts of things? While we are in the laundromat, the news channel is showing LIVE footage from a three person shooting that happened less than a block from where we were, about 10 minutes earlier. Oh. So that is what all those helicopters were doing. If you wondered, we did get our laundry done. I tried to find a link to a news station to verify my information and this was all I could find.

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Fancypants said...

Don't risk your life for clean clothes!! Also, I don't know a rich real estate agent named Brian who sells nice houses - but I know a poor port-a-potty salesman who sells...well....port-a-potties!