Friday, April 25, 2008

Washington DC on the side.

I've been trying for a week to post these pictures NOT sideways and I can not do it. I straightened them in Photoshop more than once! So, I am ashamed to do it, but I am going to post my Washington DC pictures, sideways.

I also tried to upload all the images at the same time and this blog is not working the same as usual. I can't get the captions where they need to go. I'll list them all at the top, then you'll have to scroll down to see pictures. This is not working well. What is wrong with this post? Just keep scrolling. And scrolling.

In true tourist fashion I took pictures of me everywhere with different backgrounds.

1.There was a Japanese festival at the same time and we had some great Japanese food. I ate this awesome bean cake fish. I'm still not absolutely sure what it was, but it was good.
2. Cherry Blossom Parade with Seth
3. The building under which I watched the parade.
4. Idaho at the WW2 memorial.
5. Lincoln memorial.
6. The cutie cute cute Irish dancer whom I loved so much.
Here they are dancing
Here we are watching them dance on the Jefferson Memorial. Seth, Kami, and Amy. We also saw the Timpview Marching Band from Provo perform. Woo hoo.
Cherry Blossoms!
As the giant beaver in the parade said, "take pictures not blossoms."
Goodbye Washington Monument.
Really cool subway system.
I saw a really cool live Butterflies and Plants exhibit at the Smithsonian.
Scary Smithsonian elephant attack
Me at the White House. There was a protest going on. "Foreclose on Bush" they were saying.


Caitlin Herrmann said...

Hey I went to Timpview High school! Although, I was not in the marching band. Cool though...

Brooke said...

You just gotta love DC. Also, I really like your hair these days. And, if you want a good Lucas story (you remember my nephew) re:cherry blossoms, you should look at Janna's blog from mine.

Rob & Mel Glade said...

Okay, so I miss DC LIKE CRAZY. It is my favorite city ever, and I miss living there almost every day. And how do you know Seth? He's good peeps.