Wednesday, May 21, 2008

April 16, 2008

photo captions: 1.Me at the Apollo. 2. Just the Apollo. 3. Christina Kim and I in our seats.

So to do some catch up from when my computer was not working (the iphoto is still messed up. I'll have to visit the mac store sometime soon) April 16th was the day we all went to Amateur Night at The Apollo to see Jeff Hofmann's comedic performance. For those who may not be familiar with Amateur Night or The Apollo, here is a blurb from the website:

"Since 1934, every Wednesday night at 7:30PM aspiring artists and performers have graced the stage of the
Apollo Theater in the hope that the magic of the hallowed stage and the approval of the infamous audience will launch their careers in the entertainment world. Apollo Wednesday night alumni is an impressive, ever expanding roster of world class talent including such legends as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, James Brown, Ben. E. King, Jackie Wilson, The Isley Brothers, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Fat Joe, Lauryn Hill, Dru Hill, Blu Cantrell and many others."

The judging is done via the audience booing or cheering for people. It was a tough crowd. I felt too bad to actually boo anyone. Jeff got booed off, but only because all the comedians got booed off. No patience in that crowd. Afterward at the Soul Food party on our roof, catered by the one and only Becca Shim, we got to hear his show and it was great. Good job Jeff!


jeff said...

Thanks Ashley! You're great. And I wish I could've been there to hear Becca's song and eat banana pudding. Glad your birthday was fun.

Mary Ellen said...

Ashley you just get cooler by the minute.