Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ashley likes to party all the time

Today is my birthday. I am 26 years old. At work they brought in bagels and we toasted them with delicious cream cheese. I love toasty bagels! After work I made some Banana Pudding using vanilla wafers I had made the day before. Some people came over. Here they are:
I'll shout out as best I can...Jen, Brooke, Greg, Garrett, Alejandro, Matthew, Marcus, Tara and Bardhi...
Holly's brother John, Holly, Ty, and Meredith.

This is Becca Shim singing me my own karaoke song based on Eddie Murphy's
Party All the Time. Not everyone has as great of friends as I do. Here are her lyrics, written around the fact that I am moving into a different apartment soon: v1:
girl i can't understand it
why you wanna leave me
after all of the things i've done for you
i let you sleep on my loveseat
and store things in the ottoman
but still you want your own room
what am i to do
(it's because)
ashley wants to party all the time
party all the time
party all the time
**some freestyling
girl i know i may not be an ideal roommate
hanging out in my drawers and talking til 3
but remember how i helped you find
your eternal mate
don't go thinking you can play MASH without me

And this is the remnants of banana pudding. Also pictured is the amazing golden good luck cat from my friend Sarah and flowers from Ann. Thanks everyone for a great birthday!

Ecard from Sarah.


The Payne family said...

So glad you had fun Ashley! And, do you have a giant chalk board for a wall at your place?

Jo said...

happy day after your birthday! and if i was in nyc, i would SO be at rilo kiley with you!