Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am so stupid. I can't get the pictures to work quite right on my computer yet. It still is having issues. So I just managed to delete MOST of my pictures from when we went camping. Great job Ashley. I'll post a few token image of us at Lake Placid:

(photo caption: top, me and lake placid. Middle: lake placid. Bottom: Christina Kim, Christi Johnson and Jessica Allred)

I will try to steal more from the other girls I went with. Darn! Here is a wordy run down of what happened:
Friday: Drove five hours to the KOA in the Adirondacks. We had a really cute KOA Kabin. It still felt like camping. We got there really late so that was all we did.
Saturday: Went rafting down the Indian and Hudson rivers. We went for 17.5 miles for 5 hours in full wet suits and helmets. It was really really awesome. Our guide was really fun and took us down all the hard rapids because we were so good at paddling.
Sunday: Drove up to Montreal. When we were going through the border patrol guys we hid the fruit because we thought they were going to take it from us. Turns out fruit is not illegal but pepper spray is. I had some that my mom had sent me two years ago for my birthday. The guy at the border told me not to aim it at the other guards when they came to get it. Thanks for the advice. They made us pull over and I had to take it in the office to get confiscated. It was a great adventure.
We were planning on attending church in Montreal, but they had stake conference that ended two hours before we got there. oops. Some random guy did force a lady to make us quesadillas to eat before we left. Montreal was really cool. We went to Old Montreal and took a nap in the park. That was all I really wanted to do. It was the best nap ever. I had some good pictures from Montreal. Too bad I just deleted them.
Monday: Visited Lake Placid and drove home. The drive home was great. Upstate NY is really gorgeous. Becca Shim did a great job planning, organizing and driving this whole trip. Thanks Becca.

I had a great Memorial weekend. This post does not encompass the greatness because I have no pictures.


Hamburglar said...

it was a really great becca shim trip. too bad my body had to be stupid and get sick. i have photos to share too, once i can get my camera charged up!

Fancypants said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Keep up posted with all your fun adventures.