Sunday, June 15, 2008


Thanks to the new virtual ticket line to see Shakespeare in the Park, I saw Hamlet Tuesday AND Wednesday of this week. Becca Shim got tickets on Tuesday and I was very excited to go. The play was great until a huge storm started and the sky was flashing pink and purple and huge lightnings and thunderings were going on. Leaves were blowing really hard at the poor actors who were yelling but could not be heard. It started to rain. They canceled the show. As we walked out of the park there were huge tree branches laying all over the grass. Crazy. So I signed up for the virtual line on Wednesday and we got to see the rest of the show minus the storm. It was really well done until at the very end when (spoiler alert just in case you actually haven't read or seen Hamlet) Hamlet killed King Claudius and a spout of blood came out of his neck like a hose. Tons of tons of red liquid spewing like a rainbow out of his neck. I had to cover my eyes and everyone was laughing. When the next person died, it was a lot more realistic. Just a little costuming problem.


The Payne family said...

I want to see Shakespeare in the park! Sometimes I get so jealous of you living in New York I just want to punch things.

adam said...

Thanks Ashley for a good outing idea. We are going to try and catch Hamlet as well.