Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Philharmonic in the Park

Two years ago when I interned in NYC we tried to see the Philharmonic in the Park, but as soon as we sat down a torrential downpour started and there was a mass exodus of really wet people leaving the park and crowding the subways. Last night I went again and it was a completely different experience. It started out with a beautiful walk through Central Park that took much longer than I expected and by the time I got up to the Great Lawn it was almost ready to start. The crowds were huge and everyone was using their cell phone to find their groups. Too much cell phone usage apparently caused T-Mobile to go down because my phone wasn't working at all. Ann Poulson rescued me out of the crowd and let me sit by them and also let me use her phone so I also sat part of the time with Linsey, Brian and Ivy Morris. The crowds are really too big to be able to see the stage or hear the music very well, but it is really really fun to sit with millions of people on blankets and listen to the orchestra. AND they have fireworks. People make it a big event and bring fancy meals with citronella candles and some had tiny tables with china and the WORKS. Linsey has already started planning a fancy picnic for next year so can't wait for that.

Sorry no pictures. I think my camera is REALLY broken this time...

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