Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Frank the Fish says "Don't Waste Water."

Growing up on a farm in a high mountain desert that was almost always in drought conditions has made me sensitive about water usage. Today in the ladies room at work there was a woman brushing her teeth with the water running full blast and it was driving me CRAZY. She is older than me and I felt should have known already that you aren't supposed to leave the water on, especially In this day and age when everyone is trying to "be green" and not use all of the earth's resources. I feel like there is a real shortage of people telling us not to waste water. Sadly for a few of my poor roommates, I have taken this job upon myself. Not that I am a model pupil of not wasting water, I think I deserve two showers a day for living in the grossest city in the world, but I did learn at 5 years of age not to leave the water running while brushing my teeth. I've been surprised that NONE of my roommates whom I've actually asked to stop using so much water remember this little clip from Sesame Street. It has had a big impact on my life. I doubt that woman in the bathroom remembers it either. I wasn't brave enough to confront her about it. Please remember Frank the Fish:


Holly said...

I agree whole-heartedly that running the water while you brush your teeth is disgusting, but as one of your current roommates, I do want to say that I think that running the water while you're doing dishes is a bit different. But you're right, it's good to be more mindful of these things.

And awesome video too.

Fancypants said...

When Bruce and I first got married he would leave the water on while brushing. I don't know if he still does it, I've blocked it out. Hopefully I've been a good example.

adam said...

I love this clip too.