Monday, October 20, 2008


I have blogged before about my fantasy football dreams being smashed when Tom Brady tore the anterior cruciate ligaments in his knee. Since then my brother has been helping me get my team into better shape, which is nice of him since the reason I am on the league anyway is to beat him because he said he would never play fantasy football again if I did. Well, let it be known that today my team beat his team. Yes, here is the score, 79-72, and my top scorer is the Bears defense, which I chose myself in the first draft. He did not influence that decision. He says for him to stop playing fantasy football I have to beat him for the whole season. Too bad I gave up 7.5 minutes into the first game. But I'm proud my little team beat him today. Feel free to view my smack card.

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drew said...

I'm not sure you can get revenge in fantasy football but you can bet on it. I would put vasaline on your car windows or something but you would end up having me clean it off anyway. I'll never win!