Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One of my proudest moments in my life so far.

For those of you who don't know, my Grandma Mackay makes the most perfect delicious rolls ever. Others can not replicate her rolls. But today she showed me how. I can not even say how proud I was when I took those perfectly browned rolls out of the oven. Even though she had been there helping me the entire time, telling me when the milk was scalded, adding flour to the dough, etc., I was sure I could still mess it up. But I didn't! They are delicious! And so are the cinnamon rolls we made with the extras! Totally worth all of the 3+ hours it took to make them. I need to practice so I don't forget how to do it.

Happy Thanksgiving.


linsey said...

oh yum...please bring me some of those rolls and put them in my mouth. very impressive ash.

Fancypants said...

Ok, here's the deal. You make them again so you don't forget and you show ME how to do it. I have the recipe but I need to learn the technique from you.

Small town country girl said...

Ash if you can make "grandma's rolls" you will be the hit of every dinner party ever

they were great