Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sometimes the internet lies.

So I've been working on carving some linoleum blocks to make prints for Christmas cards. I keep running into serious issues. First I drew the cards to fit my blocks. Then I bought the cards and realized they were a different size. So I redrew some. The wrong size. So I scanned them and fixed the size on the computer, counting on this piece of information to make it easy to transfer my design over:

as it turns out, that doesn't work. Which is really disheartening after I made a big deal about needing the marker and Char found and drove me on a run to Michaels just to get a marker. One marker that doesn't work. I even bought the best brand: Prismacolor. Now I wish I had purchased graphite paper. I was just so sure the marker would work. It doesn't work on computer prints or black and white copies from Kinkos. I'm pretty sure it would work on a really crappy copier but I don't have one. The Amanda Knight used to have a great one. Well, I just wanted to get this information out there before someone else had their hearts broken from lies. Has anyone had success transferring an image with a blender marker?


Archie said...

Hi Ashley. I've done this before. And I'm surprised the blending marker didn't work for you. I've done it with acetone, which you can get at a hardware store or even nail polish remover will work, but not quite as well. It should work to lift anything printed with a laser printer, and be sure to print your image backwards for the transfer, like a silkscreen.

libby said...

Yeah I've gotten this to work too, but only with prints from a bw laser printer. bw copies don't work because they don't have enough toner in them.

Erin The Great said...

Sorry the blended marker didn't work for you. Hope everything turns out well :)