Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I haven't been watching the news faithfully and I didn't realize the pollution level in Utah was in a Red Zone thanks to the inversion, although my brother told me Saturday the air was bad, but I had already been running on Saturday and was fine. It was sunny yesterday and I thought how healthy it would be to go running outside, plus the internet wasn't working at Char's so I was going to use the internet at my uncle Bruce's house. It is (according to my pedometer) .36 miles to Bruce and Nancy's. So I ran up there, not far, which I did on Saturday too with no ill effects, and Paige let me in to use the computer. But as I sat there waiting for the computer to boot up, my feet were really hurting, which had never happened before. I thought maybe I just sat down too soon after running. But then my throat was really hurting like strep throat so I went downstairs for a drink but could hardly swallow. Then I noticed my eyes and nose and lips were swelling up huge so I decided to leave because I had no idea what was going on and I didn't want to give any sickness to my cousins, but as I was walking back to Char's house my tongue swelled up so much I could hardly talk, my eyes, ears, lips, nose and hands were so so so so fat. My throat wasn't swelling so I could breathe (and my gigantic tongue only swelled in a U-shape as opposed to an O so it wasn't blocking too much of my air), so I didn't think I needed 911. Not that they could have understood me if I called. My poor dad got the phone call instead and I'm sure he could barely understand me (I was sort of paniky) but he called Char who came to get me and take me for an Epinephrine shot. It was ridiculous and I was shocked when I saw myself in the mirror. No I am not going to post a picture because I looked horrendus. I'm really thankful Char didn't have work so she could take me. After the shot I felt better. They gave me a perscription for an EpiPen shot in case it happens again because apparently it gets worse every time. So I'm allergic to the pollution. I'm still a bit swollen today, collegin lips, sleepy eyes, and pudgy hands, but I feel tons better. So weird I lived in Provo for 3+ years and never had a reaction. So, please everyone, learn from me. Watch the news and don't go outside during the inversions. Especially don't exercize in it. Just don't breathe if you are outside.


The Payne family said...

Can I please see a picture? You can send it to just me. Ok, thank you. How scary. I think I would have been freaking out but you seemed to have been pretty calm. Way to go. I'm sorry you are allergic to pollution.

vdg family said...

Ashley how scary. I am sooo sorry. I am glad you are alive! We need you!

Mary Ellen said...

That is the craziest thing. I can't believe you were having this reaction and left your family! You could have died on the way home!!!!! Be careful!!