Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 random things

No, don't worry, I'm not writing my 25 random things, here or on Facebook. But someone else's random things just ruined my life. I had this pen pal from when I was like 12-20 years old. We recently met up via facebook and I met her in real life. I really like her. She is great. I loved having a pen pal and it is a fun memory from that time of my life. Until now. Read this from her 25 random things:

"14. I went through a stage in middle and high school where I had over 150 pen pals from around the world. I no longer write actual letters, but I enjoy finding my pen pals on face-book and meeting them in real-life!!"

Little did I know she was cheating on me all that time.


chad, lindsay, & may-may said...

That is so sad, can you imagine if you had known earlier on. I bet you were her favorite!

The Payne family said...

How in the world does anyone have time to have 150 pen pals? I think what she probably meant was that she had a pen pal that was so awesome that it was better than having 150 pen pals.