Monday, March 16, 2009

everyone does it

I know everyone makes blankets out of their old t-shirts but I finally finished mine and I'm super proud of it so I'm going to post it. My mom just helped me bind it last week so I could put it in the Porter's Quilt Show and get a $10 gift certificate. I know. Thanks Mom! I made it with my t-shirts and pants from high school. I actually was wearing most of the pants and some of the shirts up until I decided to cut them up. It was a good thing though. It was time for them to go. I am just a pack rat, sentimental, and I like making things so making new things out of my old stuff is a great idea for me.
This is the front of the blanket, hence the front of the shirts...back of the blanket, back of the shirts.


Fancypants said...

Super cute and you are so patient!

The Payne family said...

I recognize some of those shirts! Wow, you really cut them up!