Friday, July 17, 2009

National Folk Festival 2009

I went with my Grandparents Mackay and Aunt Char to the 2009 National Folk Festival in Butte Montana. It was really fun and all the acts were really amazing. Butte is a really cool town if you like old brick buildings with great old type. It is an old mining town. Now that they don't do much mining they have a lot of festivals. Next up: Evil Knievel Days! Don't miss it!

This is the mining thing at the "Original Stage." I'm glad the row of porta potties made it into the picture.
It's a baby of a baby! The tiny ponies are always cute but the baby of the pony was Char's favorite. They said it was three pounds when it was born. It was all tired from a big day of riding in the horse trailer.
These crazy guys were from Prince Edward Island. Albert and Chuck they call themselves.
Cajun music complete with crab on the accordion.
This is a typical view obstruction at the Folk Festival.

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