Friday, August 14, 2009


I flew out to NYC, visited some friends (thanks Ty and Gaby for letting me stay with you!) then drove West with Becca Shim in her van with motorcycle in tow. We had some great adventures. Here's a bunch of pictures:

The van. Becca Shim, me, Ty Mecham (Ty rode from NYC to Missouri).

In Cincinnati Becca's family treated us to some great Cincinnati treats. This was chili with more cheese than chili. My favorite was the ice cream from Graeters (I had just jumped out of the shower. It wasn't raining).

Longest Yard sale in the world:

Kitten watch I probably should have bought...

City Museum in St. Louis:

corn dogs in art. Is there anything I could love more? Maybe if there was a kitten in there somewhere too...

My new shoelaces from the shoelace factory at the museum:

The Badlands:
Mt. Rushmore:

Corn Palace:

Wall Drug:

Devil's Tower! I loved this thing. It did not look real.

Yellowstone National Park.

Becca also got to experience the Madison County Fair and Parade while we were in Rexburg. It was one great trip. She is on her way to Seattle. Have fun Becca!


linsey said...

WOW! what an amazing trip. **corn dog art??** why didn't we ever create anything so majestic? its really high time MSL did their corn dog feature. sad we missed you in NYC.

The Payne family said...

I want to travel cross country! That seems like it was so much fun. Also, you chopped your hair! Looks good! Maybe you did that a long time ago and I just didn't know. Anyways...