Saturday, August 29, 2009

poor orphans

My dad found two little orphan kittens at the farm. It was so sad to see them running and crying to us. We waited a couple of days trying to see if their mom would show up and she never did. So we tried to feed them with these droppers (my mom is not choking the kitten. They were so crazy they wouldn't hold still!), then went to the vet and bought some tiny kitten bottles and kitten formula, which was really cute, and they ate, but were still so crazy. Turns out the mom cat does a lot more for the kittens than just feed them. We tried cleaning them with a wash cloth but it made them look worse. They needed other things too so then we finally tried just putting them in with our mom cat's other kittens. She had hissed at them before, but when my mom stuck them in with her cute nice tame kittens she just started licking the orphans and we thought she would take care of them. But dumb Tiger moved her kittens to a new spot and didn't take the orphans with her. And now they are gone. No one knows where they went. If she had left them in their old place my parents would have heard them crying. Mean ol' Tiger. I feel sad for the orphans.

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