Friday, September 25, 2009

Ab Circle!

I was innocently watching the television with my roommates when we stumbled onto the amazing infomercial for The Ab Circle. I made them turn back so we could learn all about it. My brother is usually the one purchasing random workout equipment from the television, but this one I REALLY want. Has anyone used it? My roommates don't believe it would work. Can anyone verify that they lost 12-80 lbs using this item? You've got nothing to loose but inches.


drew said...

I have never purchased anything from the television just to clear my name. I bought pushup bars that are advertised on tv, but they were at big 5, on sale. Never pay retail as I always say. The pull up bar I found in the lost and found in a hotel in Reno so I didn't even buy that so back up off!

Christy said...

Yes I'm this far behind. I hope you get email updates. I saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day, so I hopped on for a test run. It was awkward. That's all I can say.