Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Cassie

Today is my roommate Cassie's birthday. Yesterday she had a fun Glow in the Dark party which was a great success. Last month we were looking at the Cake Wrecks blog at some really ugly cupcake cakes and I was so inspired I promised her a cupcake cake for her birthday. I made a firefly, which fit the theme as best as it could.

72 cupcakes and 3.5 batches of frosting on this one:

Jessica and Jameson taking it into the dance for Cassie to make a wish:

Backyard decor:

Jessica's glow necklace is doing a care bear stare!

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becca said...

i was planning on coming, but i was up in east canyon all day and didn't end up getting back until late. :( hope it was fun!