Sunday, January 3, 2010

jogging some poles

Over the holiday I donned my snow gear from Junior High and went ice fishing with my brother. We caught no fish but it was fun to go.

Here he is with his friends:

If you want to see someone looking supremely dorky, here is the picture:

yeah, I know. No wonder we didn't catch any fish.


drew said...

Everyone else caught fish, we just didn't get up early enough... Next time Ash, we'll get em next time.

becca said...

hahaha. i love the "supremely dorky" photo.

The Denning Family said...

Hi Ashley! I like the dorky picture, but I remember when that ski outfit was cool. I got your Christmas card and checked out your post from 9:17. It was the greatest. I laughed so hard. That note is hilarious!! That was the best birthday present, so please, no more guilt!!