Sunday, May 23, 2010

One CLASSY Birthday.

Last Thursday was my birthday. It turned out pretty classy thanks to all of my friends:

Cubicle at work decorated with laser cats (and not shown, the creepiest cat card of all time...thanks Steve and Jordan!):

Leslie Hall cupcakes (thanks Julie and Julie!)

Fake turd on the doorstep thanks to Sarah and Robbie:

Rainbow Saffy Birthday cake (thanks Michelle!):

Saffy did NOT think it was funny.

1 comment:

The Payne family said...

I missed your birthday :( I am a bad friend. And you are always so good at remembering birthdays. Thank you for being good at remembering birthdays. I wish I had that talent. It looks like you got it covered though! Hope you had fun! I miss you. Maybe we can see each other again some day? Some day...