Thursday, May 27, 2010


As many people know I've been training for a marathon. It has been going alright. But I could tell I needed new shoes. I was debating about what to do but after watching the above commercial (coolness level of 9000), of course I bought the Nike Free Run (as seen in previous post). I was debating between that shoe and the Vibram Five Fingers. The only place in Salt Lake to get these shoes is the Salt Lake Running Company. I was happy to shop there, I like that it is a local company, but I have had such bad service every time that I am not going back. The first time some guy was helping me try on the Nike Free shoe. Truth be told, they didn't have the color I wanted to I bought them on Zappos so maybe I don't deserve good service, but it was in that store that he helped me decide on what size to wear. I didn't get a lot of help while I was there. I don't buy running shoes that often. I don't know what I'm doing! The second time I went in and was trying on the Vibram 5 Fingers and NO ONE would help me. One girl finally got me the shoe and once she did ask me how they felt and I said that I had no idea how those shoes were supposed to feel and she never really answered me so some other guy who didn't even work there had to come and tell me how the shoes were supposed to fit and give me some advice. My third visit there was today. I decided to take back the Five Fingers and was telling the guy that my new Nike shoes were really hurting my big toes, did that mean I got too small of a size? And then he smirked at me and said yes. SMIRKED! Gave me no advice about what to do next. It was in his stinking store that they told me what size to try! And now my big toes hurt so bad I can hardly walk. So what do I do now? Just buy another new pair of shoes? Why do they hate me in the Salt Lake Running Company? Do I not look like a runner? You know where both me and my bike DO get great service? Guthrie Bicycles. Just saying. It is possible. (one disclaimer is I don't like the bike shoes one of the guys there recommended I get but that is totally personal preference, not really something he could gage). I'm just mad about it right now so I'm throwing it down on my blog.


Lindsay said...

Ugh, that sucks!! I just went into a running store last night and got tons of help! First thing he told me was my current running shoes were way too small. I went in wearing an 8 1/2 and left with a 10! Crazy! Apparently you are supposed to have room for foot swelling. He also told me I was slightly pronating and had me try on shoes to fix it. He would sit and watch me run up and down a little track and helped me find the perfect shoe. He also showed me how to roll out my IT band, because my knee has been killing me. Anyways, I'm telling you all of this because there has to be another running store in UT where there are helpful workers. The right shoe makes a HUGE difference. And I hate jerks. Good luck!!

vdg family said...

You totally look like a runner to me. My experiences in running stores is that they are usually pretty nice or extremely rude and judgmental. I have a running store near my house and the people all look like they are just about to go for a run.