Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Digital Postcard: Raglan

I promised Tif that I would send some digital postcards. Here is the first one:

Hey! Yesterday we went to some AWESOME black sand beaches! The sand sparkles. It is very cool. But it makes you and everything you have 100 times more filthy than if you were at a regular beach. At one point Amalia had a Hitler mustache and I had a full beard of sand. We loved Raglan the second we stepped out of our car and decided we want to live there. Later we were reading in the Rough Guide that Raglan is one of the best surfing places in NZ. Awesome. Hopefully that doesn't make it hard to find a place to live. We applied for a few jobs around town, but one guy laughed when he saw my only qualification is Graphic Design. I think I will focus on getting freelance jobs from the States and get my website going (so if you know anyone needing a freelancer, I am totally available!).

Wish you were here! Stay cool!



Lori said...

Great postcard! Enjoy the surfing. And I hope you get some freelance!

Tif said...

Awesome! I love the postcard and I totally have a giant smile on my face cause you really made one! I feel like this is going to be an awesome collection. Great job and if I hear of anything that needs to be designed I'll send it your way. P.S. Can I hire you to make me a swimsuit? Yours is way cute.

Sarah said...