Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Connelly home part deux

Here are just two more pictures of this cool house, including the wooden sink:

For Christmas Amalia and I bought ourselves the internet! Or maybe just a mobile phone internet stick we can use wherever you get mobile service. It is amazing. And we like to joke about how we bought the internet and keep it in our glove box. I am very happy to have it. It also came with a usb splitter cable so we can use it at the same time. Genius!


amanda jane jones said...

oh my goodness! That sink!!

The Payne family said...

When I think of a true farm house I'm going to always think of that house.

Bruce said...

love the wooden sink. now i want to build one, but it definitely belongs in a house like that. you might keep the internet in your glove box, but like to keep it in my front pocket