Monday, December 13, 2010

Zorb....check. Bungee Jump....check.

We've been doing the big expensive tourist things this week. First stop: Zorbs. Yep. You get inside a big beach ball with water in it and roll down a hill. It was actually pretty hilarious and fun. Amalia really wanted the pictures. So I have plenty to share:

It isn't actually a huge hill, but that is us in the ball:

Here is Amalia's graceful exit of the Zorb:

Then me:

Then had us jump for the picture but we didn't quite get it together. I could photoshop it but we are sitting in our car using free internet at a petrol station right now and I just don't have the gumption. Nor can I see my screen very well.

Today we did Bungee Jumping! We ended up buying the pictures for that too. They were too funny. We couldn't pass them up. And it came with a video! We were at Taupo Bungee. It looked really legit compared to the crane on the side of the road with a bungee that we saw earlier.

So here I am, ready to jump. It was scary as right on that ledge ("as" is NZ slang. Everything is sweet as, cool as, scary as, whatever). I went into the water about to my waist. As you can see, my hair is all nappy and sweaty because I had been on a run, but I counted the river dip as my shower. A very expensive shower.

Here is my video. Let it be noted that we were not aware that we were being filmed.

So fun right! Here is Amalia's game face:

Just got the top of her head got wet.


It was really pretty great. Fast, but great. We actually HAD to buy the pictures because I don't remember a whole lot of the falling part.


Casey Hyer Photography said...

amazing and amazing!! just a little jealous of the whole thing.

Lori said...

That is so cool! Way to go!!!!

The Denning Family said...

Wow. You are a brave soul! I would have needed a bath after bungee jumping, but for other reasons.... I'm a little unfamiliar with the zorb-do you run down the hill like a hamster? Or just kind of roll around in there... That's pretty cool.

Christy said...

Zorb looks so fun! But the first thing I noticed about your bungee pictures was your nappy, sweaty hair. So I'm glad you explained that. Did you get water up your nose?

Tif said...

Alright someone has to say it so I will... it looks like you got birthed from the Zorb. You are a brave bunging jumping soul and I think thats awesome!

Julie said...

My hands are sweating just watching this! Sweating from jealousy, of course. Steve asked me why I had such a big smile on my face-I was watching your video. Your adventures make me so happy.

Fancypants said...

You are totally ready for the Amazing Race! Good job. I don't think I could have done that without a bil ol' shove.

Bruce said...

You can tell the bungee guy was a professional. He didn't even give you chance to back out, he just kept pushing on your back once you got out there and there was no other choice. Did you ride the Zorb together? That would be fun

Ashley Mackay said...

With the Zorb you just lay down in like a foot of warm water and slide around. We went together. It is like a crazy waterslide. And I do look like I'm being birthed out of it, thanks Tif.

Small town country girl said...

You guys are nuts!!! All I could think of was how sick I would be after the zorb and I would never be brave enough to even get close to the edge to dive off this probably was much better than the crane and so glad you got the videos you can watch them for years

Jules said...

So I guess you have been to Taupo :) I can't believe you went bungee jumping! Crazy!!! I will NEVER do that, but it looks you had fun :)