Wednesday, January 26, 2011

speedy delivery

My parents are coming to visit New Zealand during the first week of February for five days of summertime fun. This is the first draft of their itinerary:

I am excited to see them and have been buying a few necessities online and having them delivered to their house for them to bring to me. I just got back from my 3-hour shift at the shop to an email from my brother with the subject line "I found these and I think I'll keep them" and these 12 attachments. It seems my new sunglasses have arrived:


Fancypants said...

Drew is strange. The kind of strange that is lovable though. (Thanks goodness!!)

Have fun with your mum and dad.

drew said...

Strange? Try hilarious... And she did yell at me for putting them on my head and stretching them out. And to my defense, I did not anticipate getting all 12 pictures posted online.

The Denning Family said...

That is soo cool your parents are coming! What a blast. And..Drew's thing was too funny.