Tuesday, March 8, 2011

some catching up

I guess I'll finally post some of our pictures from when we hiked Mordor. I will not be posting any pictures from when we saw Hobbiton because they have rebuilt it all for The Hobbit movie and they made us sign waivers. Feel bad though. The pictures are awesome. We even danced in front of the party tree. More fun than expected.

You know what is harder than expected? Backpacking for four days. We had the option to do a one day hike, but thought it would be fun to go for four days. It was fun, but hard. We did not train. We just rolled off the beach and thought it would be no big deal. 100 km winds were kind of a big deal. Now that I've been away from it for long enough, I remember it being fun. But I did decide backpacking was something I could only do maybe once every two years.

MT. DOOM!!!! (look how happy we are. This is before it got hard. So innocent):

Sunrise view from one of the cabins. That cabin in the top of the mountains was hard for us to hike to after having already hiked the mountain once that day:

Emerald Lakes:


Lori said...

amazing pictures! it is good to see you back in NZ.

amanda jane jones said...

I've been missing these updates. Looks amazing. Uh-mazing.

Carolyn said...

Wonderful photos! I want to go hiking too.

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