Thursday, October 25, 2007

Office t-shirt for Oct. 25

Here is my Office t-shirt for today. It is very similar, style-wise to the last one. Actually I should have made all my shirts for the season last week, since I was so gung-ho about it all. I kind of tried with this. You might not be able to tell that the birds are actually Angela's cat Sprinkles' head. I didn't try very hard on the writing.

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Brooke said...

Ashley, I think that your shirts are awesome. I got you a present today. I shouldn't tell you so that it can be an awesome surprise, but I just can't keep good news a secret. I found some rad office pens in the Target Dollar Spot. I will send them to you one day.(probably kind of like Jenny's package that one year, you just will never know when it will be in your mailbox. You never know.)