Thursday, November 1, 2007

This is Halloween

I love Halloween. I love dressing up and carving pumpkins. I love going to a good haunted house. My brothers and I carved some great pumpkins. Kyle did our families brand, Drew made a snowboarder and I did a cat. For my costume this year, after my sad and failed attempt, my mom made me a hood for my Halloween costume. That is right. I am 25 and my mom had to make my costume. It turned out fun. I wanted to be Pen from Adventure Time and look at the sweet hat she made me:

And yes, this might be the most unattractive picture of me ever, but I will still post it. No one at the party I went to knew who Pen was, which was kind of lame. That is what I get for being so cool I guess. Too cool for school.

My dad came with me to a haunted house called The Fear Factory. Before we went, my brother told me six people had already wet their pants there because it was so scary. I was pretty excited. But it wasn't scary. A local school had put it together as a fund raiser, which was neat. The scariest part was a school bus that had a dead driver and a lot of little little kids bouncing on the seats with dead paint on their faces begging for help. The funniest part was when we walked out the back door to see a van driving toward the people in front of us at full speed to scare them, then back up to get into place for the next group.


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Mary Ellen said...

oh my goodness. I LOVE IT. You are my hero!

Elise said...

Basically your costume is algebraic. Mathematical! Totally Rhombus! It would make the Ice King cower in shame and sacrifice his crown.