Monday, December 24, 2007


I saw Hairspray on Broadway when I was living in New York and loved it. I put off watching the new movie because a) how could it possibly compare to the musical and b) Zac Efron, the tweenie bopper love was in it. We tease my cousin too much about being in love with the Disney Channel and I thought if he was in it it would be equivalent to High School Musical. But I am humble enough to swallow my pride and say that I loved the movie, I've watched it like 4 times, and my favorite part is watching Zac Efron dance during the last song, "You can't stop the beat." He is one good dancer.

And if Zac Efron ever bumped into me and said, "Hey there lil' darlin', hope I didn't dent your doo." I would fall instantly in love and wander around singing "I can hear the bells" as well.

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