Thursday, December 20, 2007

Now here's a story that must be told, it's kind of new, not very old...

Sometimes my car can not pick up radio stations. I'm not sure why. In Rexburg it really is not much of a loss. There aren't many stations and no good ones unless you listen to a lot of Country. So on the occasion that I can't get a station, forget my ipod and am not in the mood for deep thinking and silence, I have only one choice. The one cd that is always in my car. I used to have two, but my brother lost Cole's band's cd and now I am left to listen to The Fury of The Aquabats. Yes, The Aquabats. I'm not sure how it became the only cd in my car, but it is.

The good thing is, it happens so infrequently that it I love hearing about the Red Sweater with an Alligator and the Martian Girl from Planet V and have a strange urge to skateboard, although the one time I tried to learn how to ollie I ended up with a huge scar-leaving gash on my elbow. I miss the horns of Ska music. But I do get to hear them, every once in a while, when I have nothing else left to listen to.

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