Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Looking for the good ol' times

This year I have been on a quest to find things we used to have on Christmas when I was a kid. Not decorations, we still have tons of those, but movies and music. First I searched my Grandma's house for her Alvin and the Chipmunk's Christmas record. No luck. But I bought the cd for my cousin for christmas. I'm not sure she appreciated it as much as I had hoped. Maybe it wasn't a part of her childhood.

Then we searched her house for a video of Donald Duck snow fighting his nephews. It is the most amazing thing. We could not find it at her house, but youtube did not fail us! Behold the best snow fight ever:

We laughed our heads off when we found it! I love that coat! Cartoons are just not what they used to be. (Sorry for the german subtitles. You kind of need english ones to know what Donald is saying, things like, "That's unconstitutional!" or "I'll exterminate you!").

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Brooke said...

This is Scott (we can't ever get the right person signed in). Thanks for finding that - that is by far my most favorite cartoon ever (how many times as a kid did I dream of doing that?)

I was laughing while we were watching it and Linc said "Dad, have you seen this movie before? I like it. I want to watch it again!"

Passing it on to the next generation - thanks Ashley!