Monday, December 17, 2007


This picture, since it is too poor quality to tell, is of my brother putting a water line together at night at the bottom of an 8 foot trench. I was holding the flash light. It was an important job. The water line for the automatic water trough for the cow pasture had been smashed under the church they are building so my Grandpa had a new one dug and we had to put the line in and bury it before the dirt all froze. That is why we were working outside in a trench in freezing temperatures in Rexburg Idaho. I think it is fun. But I was only holding the light and trying to be moral support for my brother who was using the shovel to bury the line and also using a torch to warm it up and put connectors in and did not think it was fun. Then the torch quit working (probably because he was so rough on it) then we were running out of pipe and clamps. My Grandpa magically found enough pipe and we were using a propane tank that was leaking like crazy but we finished it and no one blew up. And it worked the next day.

Here are some other pictures of things we do on my farm. I took most them two summers ago to send to my friends at Martha Stewart. That is why I managed to be in every one of them.

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