Sunday, December 9, 2007

Player Piano

That is right. My grandparents have a player piano. (not the same grandparents I blogged about last time.) We had the greatest time tonight playing and singing along with it. (We only had my brother's phone which takes worse pictures even than mine.)

It is an amazing machine. It is a regular piano until you open the doors to load the roll of paper and pull down the pedals at the bottom. The roll of paper has little holes cut into it and when they roll over the middle the piano plays that note. The person playing just pumps the two pedals back and forth with their feet. It is quite a workout. The keys just move on their own. Some songs we played were:
Linus and Lucy (the best part was when my mom started dancing exactly like the Peanuts characters in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It was amazing. I've never seen anyone dance like that in real life.)
Christmas Melodies
Sleigh Ride
The Candy Man Can
Pennsylvania Polka
The Entertainer

The Christmas mix had this sweet sweet paper. You will have to rotate your head to look at it, I'm not sure why it comes in sideways. In every program I have it is rotated the right way, but I can't get it to upload vertical. Lame. But anyway, if you can't tell, those are shiny gold candles with paisley patterns on them. Christmas doesn't get any better than that.

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