Sunday, December 9, 2007


These are the plants in my window in my bedroom at home:

This is my Christmas Cactus. It blooms during the cold winter months. That is why it is called a Christmas Cactus. The picture next to it is of my grandma when she was a kid. She is amazing at growing plants. She gave me this plant. I need to post a picture how well she can grow a Christmas Cactus. It will blow your mind. Mine hasn't grown in years. It just blooms. I used to have an African Violet in this window, but my grandma thought she had damaged it so she took it home to rescue it and it now has grown into like 10 different plants. She is pretty amazing.

These are two ivy plants. For some reason only one of the branches really grows and it climbs up the corner of my wall and the window. (My bedroom is in the basement. This picture makes it look like a cave. It really isn't.)

Here is a close up of how it sticks to the wall:

Those little legs are the perfect mix of cool and disgusting. It is amazing how they stick onto the wall, but kind of gross how they look like little spider legs. Sometimes I think that long plant arm could crawl over to my bed and wrap around my neck. I wouldn't put it past those sick little legs.

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Brooke said...

Here's hoping you survive the night.