Friday, December 7, 2007

Too true

I almost had a freelance job this week. I have a friend with a freelance group I am a new member of and he called me with my first job, for a non-profit group about children's home safety, but apparently some guy told them he would do it for like 1/4 of the price, so once again, good design goes out the door for money. If only she knew what a cool logo I was going to do for her!

Another uplifting topic came to me while I was using my time reading blogs since I had no freelance job in "the junior's" blog. They are actually the class that are seniors right now in the graphic design program at BYU, but I think I and everyone in my class will always refer to them as "the juniors." Anyway, Libby had an exceptional post called "Girls, we are doomed." Stating, using examples and photos, that women who are accepted into the program at BYU are not married, and those who are not accepted get married. I do know many of the girls in the class before me were married, but it brought an interesting question to my mind. Usually when old women who are not married live together they become "Cat Ladies." What would a bunch of unmarried graphic designer women living together collect or become? Even though I have posted about how cute I think baby cats are, I don't think we would become "Cat Ladies". Type ladies? Poster ladies? I just don't know. What do you think?

Thanks to Linda Kennedy for letting me use this picture on my blog.


Christina said...

I am very very flattered I make it to the side bar of your blog! And yes, I will hold it against you for the rest of your life for not living with us. Althought, I think I'm more offended that I don't get to gchat with you because Holly's always telling me about the funny conversations you have with her and not with me.

Kenners said...

I am very flattered that you lifted and copied from my website MY cat lady image to illustrate your blog.

Linda Kennedy