Sunday, January 6, 2008

I miss The Office #3.

I've realized many of the clips from The Office I used to watch are not there anymore. People have probably taken them down because of the WPA writer's strike. We should not be watching The Office for free when the writers are not getting paid for it. I did find a link to write a letter to the people in charge to tell them to end the strike. You can find it here. They have a template letter you can send. I wrote my own, asking them to please tell me what happens to all my favorite characters.

Clips I would post if they were still on YouTube and there was not writer's strike:

• Andy singing "Rainbow Connection" to Pam in a high falsetto voice with a banjo. Favorite part: when he sings ainbowray onnectioncay in Pig Latin.
• One of the cold openers from Season 4 when they are having a meeting and Michael is talking about something really lame but everyone else is watching the dvd screensaver, wishing and hoping and cheering when it gets close to and finally bounces out of the actual corner.
• Jim as Dwight/Dwight as Jim
• Andy singing "Take a Chance on Me" to Angela. (yes, I love Andy and his singing.)

So I am going to stop posting about how I miss The Office. I really thought the strike would be over by January. It is not over. I thought if I wrote about it more maybe it would help it come back. Bring awareness, you know. Or at least help me deal with it. Maybe I'll start a new campaign to bring awareness to things I care about. I'll call the first one, "Walmart, the whore of all the earth" or "If everything is made in China, where will the Americans work?" Something like that. I'm obviously not the best of writers. I'll think about it. Oh, I also have learned the health benefits of taking iodine. Maybe I'll write about that. I take Kelp for an iodine suppliment. For the best effect about 40mg a day. To read more on the benefits of iodine, visit here. We have no iodine in our diets. It can prevent cancer, obesity, cure all Thyroid problems, etc. Amazing.

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Scott said...

Just wanted you to know that there are others... and we are behind you! We miss them too.