Saturday, January 12, 2008

Meet the Robinsons

If you haven't seen Meet the Robinsons yet, SHAME ON YOU!! If I wasn't eternally dedicated to Toy Story, which is and will always be the best Pixar movie ever, I would say Meet the Robinsons was. It is one of my very favorites. The Incredibles is also up there. That is a great one. Anyway, I've loved Meet the Robinsons since I saw it in the theater in Disney 3D...

I got it for Christmas and of course watched it many times, as well as the DVD extras. I love DVD extras almost more than I love DVDs. I found out the family Robinson is based on a book by William Joyce called "A Day with Wilbur Robinson." Which I checked out from the library. It is a children's book he wrote and illustrated, "a thickly disguised account of William Joyce's childhood." I love the paintings he did. It makes me want to write and illustrate a story. Here are some of the spreads, Pixar really basically used his illustrations for the movie, except made them futuristic. I apologize for the crappy photos.

He meets Lefty, Dimitri, and Spike

Wilbur says it is kind of dull there on that day. I love Lefty taking the backpack.

Carl looks like Carl. They are using a matter detector to find Grandpa's missing teeth. I wish I found that kind of stuff in my yard!

They tell this sister, Blanche, that her shoes look swell with her new prom dress when she asks. The other sister is named Tallulah. In the movie Blanche is Tallulah and is not Wilbur's sister, she is his cousin, but you've got to change some things.

Here is Grandfather in his lab working with his dancing frog band. This is what the book says: "Sure enough, there was Gradfather with his friends Mr. Ellington and Mr. Armstrong. Grandmother Robinson was helping." Yes. Ellington and Armstrong playing with the frogs. This is my second favorite illustration.

This is my first favorite illustration. Look at that frog with Grandfather's teeth so proudly on the blonde kid's head! (He doesn't have a name in the book. It is really William Joyce I guess.) I love that frog.

Anyway, good flick. Not many movies make families seem cool like Meet the Robinsons does.
Hopefully not too many spoilers here for anyone who hasn't seen it. I'm attaching extra videos for my friend Lincoln.

This one includes the happiest music in the world at the beginning. I love that music. I would piece together the entire movie from Youtube if I could.

Robinson family:


cole said...

a few things:
• that book is awesome.
• did you know (i assume you did, if you've watched the movie so much) that danny elfman did the score? i would have never guessed.
• "meet the robinsons" is not pixar; the characters look like extras from pixar movies or shorts.
• and... really? the best movie??? ... ?????!!!!

Brooke said...

Ashley, Lincoln says thank you so very much for all these awesome movies. He is not watching them quite as much as he watched Donald Duck because he has been obsessed with a preschool game online at If you ever need some help learning your letters you should check it out.

Everly said...

It's cool that you like the movie that much ^_^ and how lucky that you have the book :D