Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trick My Truck

I do want a job. I need a job. But it will be a sad day when I actually have to work.

Lately I've been spending every night watching whatever episodes of Trick My Truck that my dad records. Yes, the one on CMT. Look at that facial hair! It is really scripted, but these guys are amazing at what they do. I really enjoy it. On the show, people call in with a sob story about why their trucker needs their truck redone and the Chrome Shop Mafia go take the guy (or girl's I guess, but I've never seen a girl by herself. Just in a couple) truck and totally make the outside look sweet. They always think of a theme that has to do with the trucker and they redo the entire truck interior and exterior to match. I even saw them change one guy's engine. Ryno, who does the paint job, is an amazing air brush artist. So cool. The interior guy, Rob, is a genius. He knows how to take a big bouncy ball, cover it with fleece and make a giant resin cherry to put on the top of an ice cream truck. Like a big paper maché thing. I've never seen anything like it.


That was a very wussy example of what they do, but they are really creative and make really cool things to help people who need help. I recommend the show.

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