Thursday, January 17, 2008

No more perfect pushups

If anyone watches ESPN, you will know about the Perfect Pushup. The commercials are very convincing and on very very often. My brother bought some and although I knew, thanks to Payton Manning that I could never have rock hard abs, I used them because they were there. Now my brother left and took his Perfect Pushups and I really miss them. I've tried to do regular push ups and they are not fun at all. I never realized how much I liked them until I didn't have them any more. I never did the Navy Seal Training routine. I am not that hardcore. And my brother damaged himself doing it (He is not a Navy Seal either...) But will I spend the 39.95 to get ripped and have my own set? No. This blog is not an advertisement to buy them. I'm just saying I wish I could still use someone elses, if only for the satisfaction that I did some push ups. I didn't use them enough to get ripped. No muscle change happened during the limited amount of time I infrequently used them. My arms do not look like that guy's. And, I'm glad about that.


Holly said...

they have generic ones at Target. And probably other places too.

drew said...

but I will say my abs are getting quite sexy... And they didn't damage me, they broke me down into a molding clay that could be built back up. Give me 2 months and i'll take on any navy seal!