Monday, January 21, 2008

the root of all evil.

Today I bought some new shampoo and conditioner. Why am I so excited that I would post it on my blog? Because the shampoo is/smells like coconut milk. I love the smell/taste of coconut so much. SO MUCH! Do not worry. I will not eat my shampoo.

I first gained my love for the coconut in Hawaii:

I love it in pancakes and especially this most delicious drink:

So good! When I was in Mexico I got a coconut or pineapple popcicle every time we went to a store. You can get a similar type of popcicle here at Broulims, but there is a real shortage of real coconut around Idaho.

Since I'm sure you care, this is the conditioner I got:

Why did I get it? Because I read in a teen smut magazine that for good wavy hair to get Burt's Bees conditioner with Shea butter in it. Now that I remembered that part, I think I chose the wrong flavor of conditioner. Oh well.

Since I am unemployed I don't buy many things. Enough so, that when I do I blog about my hair supplies. Here are some things I would buy if I had money right now:

I want these new running shoes real bad. I think I've finally decided on the green ones.

I need this book for my collection.

I just flat out need The Office. I only have Season 3 though. I would like 1 & 2.
These are not the things I would buy if I had millions of dollars. Just really if I had a steady job or cared more about watching The Office than washing my hair.

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