Thursday, January 17, 2008

job hunt update:

For those who wonder if I have a job or not, this is the most recent update.

Here is the email the guy I interviewed with sent me:
thanks for the thanks! It was nice meeting you in person. You have a lot of potential, and I enjoyed seeing your work in person. We are interested in talking with you further regarding a junior design position in the firm, but unfortunately our timing is a little off. Our highest priority right now is finding an Action Script/HTML/Flash web person - and until we have filled that position we can't really bring on another designer. We also need to finalize our move into our new space. Are you under a tight time line to find work? What i would propose is that we touch base at the end of next month if you are still available. Let me know what you think.

Does that mean if I wait another two months they will have a job for me? I guess I'll have to ask him. Maybe I should just take the job here at "The Rex" to be a secretary with graphic design experience. It is a movie theater with a bowling alley. I could be Pam in real life, except instead of working for a paper company, it would be a movie theater who Madison County forgave $80,000 worth of taxes they couldn't pay so they would stay in business. Maybe it would actually be a good thing. My working there for two months would help them get more business. Right? My design and secretarial skills would really help them.


hanner said...

I feel ya on that one.

drew said...

Totally take the job at the Rex and we can find someone to sing you ainbowray onnectioncay on the banjo... PAM PAM PAM