Thursday, January 17, 2008

My first book

I dedicate this post to Jenny, who requested I do more posts today so she can read them instead of work. Also, instead of me finding a good type face for her wedding announcements. I'll do it soon, Jens.
I often say I didn't do graphic design before college. But then I found this pop-up book that I made when I was 12. There is even a page about myself:
This is the best poem:

top picture

then you read the finely crafted poem:

then you can pull the tab and make the mom dino kick the poor crying baby dino. Now, I don't want anyone to think I was abused as a child. My mom never kicked me for getting sick, or eating limes. I'm pretty sure I had never eaten a lime when I was 12. I'm not sure why this is so violent, but the tab works pretty good.

The scanner quit working for me. That is why you get the super bad camera shots.

The best pop-up I've ever made I don't have because I gave it to a woman on my mission. She was having a hard time giving up smoking so I made her a pop-up card of herself in the water and when you pulled the tab down she went under the water and got baptized. So when she wanted to smoke, she could remind herself why she wanted to quit, using that. Looking back, it doesn't sound too effective, but whatever. We were making her signs and quotes to hang around her house and that is what I made.

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