Thursday, January 10, 2008

If you have a account can you tell me your account name so I can add you onto my network so I can have access to so many other cool things on the internet? I do have Chris and Sam so far. In fact, it even said they were my fans. Thanks for that, Sam and Chris.

Something I am not good at is tagging things. You have to tag things in this blog and on This is how I tag something: I think of whatever random word reminds me of that link that I would be most likely to search for if I wanted to find it. As a result, none of my entries share the same tag. It seems very unorganized compared to say, Cole, who has a nice solid list of ten or so that all his posts fit into somehow. So, if you are on my network, sorry about the tags.

1 comment:

cole said...

i think mine is cole.nielsen... i haven't done as good of a job in tagging on i think they're too broad. i wish i had tagged what country it's from. anyways. feast.